Minnesota Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Family law encompasses the most important and emotionally charged issues in people’s lives including marriage, children, money and home.  The divorce and custody attorneys at Heimerl & Lammers are experienced in all areas of family law and we are able to aid our clients in successfully navigating through these tough times.

Experienced Minneapolis Divorce Lawyers

Regardless of the issue you are facing, our Minnesota divorce lawyers are motivated to do the very best for you.  We firmly and strongly advocate for our clients every step of the way.  Whether we guide our clients through settlement or litigation, we work tirelessly to get the best outcome.  We handle all aspects of family law including:

We encourage our clients to attempt alternative dispute resolution methods (mediation, evaluations) in order to come to a quicker, less expensive, and more amicable solution to their family law matter.  However, sometimes mediation and negotiations fail and the issues must be litigated.  Our divorce attorneys excel in litigation and trial work and will guide you through the process and work to get you the results you want in the courtroom.

The family law attorneys at Heimerl & Lammers take great care to keep you apprised of your family law case and your options at all times. We not only work for our clients, but we work with them as well.

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To speak with our divorce lawyers today regarding your family law matter, call us at our office in the warehouse district of Minneapolis at: (612) 294-2200.  We also have offices located in the St. Paul suburb of Woodbury and in the southwest Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington.