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Divorce Attorneys in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Our family law attorneys are committed to providing you with the best legal representation throughout the entirety of your legal proceeding.  We understand that a family law matter can be an emotionally overwhelming experience, but our dedicated attorneys will be by your side each step of the way.

Katie, Kelsey, and Amanda stand out from the rest because they exclusively handle family law cases. While other attorneys juggle several types of law at once, our lawyers focus solely on family law matters in Minnesota. You can learn more about Katie, Kelsey, and Amanda by clicking on their links below.

Our Family Law Attorneys:

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Kathryn M. Lammers Kelsey Karls Amanda Crain

Our attorneys have represented clients in thousands of different family law issues, and odds are they’ve litigated a case similar to yours.  Their passion for family law and commitment to providing their clients with the best representation is what sets our family attorneys apart from others in the Twin Cities.

Contact our Minnesota family law attorneys regarding your family law matters today for a free initial consultation – (612) 238-3032.